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Any figure in our corporate organizational chart has specific tasks and roles of responsibility.

This modus operandi allows us to preserve the structure, both administrative and operational, making the company’s operations stable over the decades.

The sales network, partnerships with analytical laboratories, collaborations with chemical experts, and technical support from professionals in the field, today help us to complete the company’s functions in 360° and aim straight for important but above all valuable professional goals.

Before companies we are people and as such we base our concept of a company on esteem, respect, trust, cooperation, exactly as if we were one big family.

Pasquale e Michele Semeraro

Hi, I'm Pasquale semeraro

Hello everyone my name is Pasquale Semeraro and I am here writing because I want to make myself better known and explain what I do.

I am 51 years old and I am blessed to be a father of two wonderful children named Alice and Michele.

I live in town called Putignano located south of Bari in beautiful Puglia.

I graduated as a commercial expert in 1990 and after my military experience I started working in the family business.

Thinking about it actually there was never a beginning, because my dad since I was little has always taken me with him to the company.

My dad’s name is Michele and he is the one who founded Resin Color.


He started this business by chance in 1972 in a garage, then bought a first piece of land and built a first industrial shed until he built three more.

As I said before there is no exact date of my beginning in the business, in fact since I was a child as soon as I had a free period from school commitments my father took me with him to the company.

I remember that in the beginning my job was to stick the labels of the various products on the buckets.

After a few summers I was promoted, and I can’t tell you what a joy it was, and I began to understand what it meant to make a paint or an enamel, working alongside skilled workers who introduced me to the various raw materials, the various additives that are used, and the processing times and processes.

It was a fundamental experience for me, because today when I talk about one of my products I am aware of what I am saying, because I created it.

After this interlude I became involved in the commercial side, working alongside our sales agents.

Knowing the products and their processing steps is important, but knowing how to sell and present them is even more so.

This is where my internship as a sales agent began.

They taught me how to talk, how to explain and how to sell, taught me to have confidence in myself and what I was doing, and above all to understand what the expectations of my commercial customers, installers, and especially the needs of the private public were.

I learned to listen, to advise and to understand how to earn the trust of the people I was dealing with, and above all to never speak ill of the competition.

But the real love for my work broke out when my father hired a new laboratory chemist, since the one we had before had reached retirement age.

It was he, with his way of explaining, of creating, of trying every kind of raw material that was offered to him by the various companies, who led me to create my first line of interior decorative paints, which I called “PLATINUM LINE” and which includes no less than 11 different decorative effects.

Always under his supervision, I mixed, weighed, milled and applied every single product in the line, achieving the results that reward my perseverance and will today.

Then we began to create and deepen a series of products that one by one we have introduced and are introducing to the market.

I’m proud of what I’ve done and what I’m doing, but what makes me really proud is the positive judgment my customers give to my products, especially since they were born out of my commitment and sweat.

There is nothing better, believe me.

To those who ask me if I would have liked to do anything else in life, I always say that I don’t think I know how to do anything else but what I do.

Why a blog!!!

Why did I think of starting a blog?!!!

This is a good question.

At first I didn’t know either.

Then I started to think about it and realized that with my blog I could probably be useful by putting my experience in the paint industry to use.

On a daily basis I meet people who ask me for advice for what kind of product to use, what treatment to do or maybe how to apply it.

So I said to myself why not put in writing all that what I say verbally?

Maybe in addition to advising only the people I meet personally, I can also be helpful to all those people who have the same problems but whom I cannot meet for so many reasons.

That is what my blog will be for, to give answers, advice, and if possible to solve problems related to this area.

Pasquale Semeraro

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